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Medical Cost Projection Reports

Medical Cost Projection Reports

A Medical Cost Projection (MCP) report is a  comprehensive document that provides the estimated items and services that are likely to be necessary for the future medical care of an injured individual.

The process of determining the future medical services involves:

  • Reviewing medical and pharmacy history records as well as other relevant documents.

  • Researching relevant scientific literature and clinical guidelines to establish and support healthcare needs when the information in the records is inadequate.

  • Researching reliable healthcare cost data relevant to the geographical region where the client intends to receive care.

Medical Cost Projection Reports utilization:

  • Attorneys for settlement negotiations and early demands. 

  • Insurance companies to set aside funds for claims.

  • Case managers for case management planning.

Note: A Medical Cost Projection report is not a substitute for a Life Care Plan report. A Life Care Plan report is necessary when testimony is needed. 


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